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Fin Serck-Hanssen

Fin Serck-Hanssen (Viken, 1958) started his career in the early 80s. He photographed punk and underground music both in Norway and Great Britain. When he contacted us at Parabol Studio, it was because he wanted a new website to showcase his work. Fin did not want a website based on a lot of textual content, but rather that we kept it simple. In that process, together with Fin, we chose to take out commercial works as this was not the target group. The focus was to create a visually interesting website that highlights the works in an artistic environment and serves as an introduction to Fin's work.

We prepared a design where the works can be seen alone, in a series and in a larger context. The user of the website can choose 2- and 4-columns to focus on photos, or 6-columns for a better overview of the content on the website. It is a minimal website where we separate text from imagery. The "shuffle" function gives the website various, random narratives to the viewer. Link to serck.no


Fin Serck-Hanssen (2021), Website


  • Fin Serck-Hanssen


  • Fin Serck-Hanssen, Tommaso Speretta